About Me |

Sports massage at Melbourne Marathon

Volunteering at the Melbourne Marathon

My name is Amy and I’m a remedial massage therapist working in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

I studied at Southern School’s of Natural Therapies in Fitzroy and have been a massage therapist since 2011.

I love being a remedial therapist because of the rewarding results I get to see in clients, being able to help manage or eradicate their physical pain and help guide them in continuing their health as a whole within my scope to do so. In my career I’ve had a great opportunity to educate my clients about how powerful massage can be.

Ideal for chronic pain and injury, I use a combination of modalities including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release, combined with dry needling and modern cupping styles to achieve a therapeutic result.

Remedial massage can reduce muscle tension, reduce nerve and muscle pain, increase circulation, reduce fluid retention and induce relaxation.

I give my clients a treatment plan and home care advise to help them continue the benefits long after their visit and to create a client/therapist connection so that they can feel confident to return for further massage.

I have worked in the field of massage for some of Melbourne’s top hotel day spa’s, volunteered in massage for several charities and sporting clubs including the Sacred Heart Clinic, Melbourne Marathon and the Women’s Circus.

Away from work I play roller derby and love to travel. I also have two pet bunnies that keep me on my toes.

I am devoted to promoting the power of massage to my clients and delivering the highest standard of practice.


I see my vision for the future as:

“A leader in the Australian massage industry”


My mission establishes a purpose of existence:

“To leading in excellence in practice”